Draw Some Monsters

by Tik Tok

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Our debut release "Draw Some Monsters" started probably over 10 years ago. Laetitia wrote the bulk of these songs long before Tik Tok was ever put together.

After the bands formation in 2008, we went into New Alliance studios to begin the initial tracking for this. Because of budget and laziness issues within the band, the production of the tracks dragged on over a course of 3 years. Eventually in that time we had a whole new albums worth of material ready to record, so we decided to continue production of this one ourselves while we tracked the new album (set to release later this year).

So here we are! FINALLY releasing this one. Hope you like it!


released January 22, 2013

All songs written by Laetitia Brundage
Arrangements by Tik Tok

Laetitia Brundage: Vocals, Piano, Accordion
Pat Brundage: Drums, Percussion
Greg Tragellis: Bass, Organ
Jaime Furtado: Guitars, Synth, Mandolin, Melodica, Harp

Bryan Morris played Trombone on track 1

All songs produced and engineered by Jaime Furtado at some house we turned into a studio (N. Conway, NH)
Assistant Engineer: Eric Thibaut
Piano and Bass for tracks 1, 3-8 recorded by Ethan Dussault at New Alliance Studios (Cambridge, MA)
Mixed by Brendan Conners at Metronome Studios (Brookline, NH)
Mastered by Rob Gonnella at New Alliance East (Cambridge, MA)

Album Design by Jaime Furtado
Artwork by Jaime Furtado, Mark Mullaney, Adam Brink & Laetitia Brundage

Thanks to everyone that came to hang out when we recorded: Eric, Iliana, Mike D, Emily, Steph, Tuggy, Sarah. Also thanks to Brendan Donahue for the gear, Moran, The Beachcomber, Ethan Dussault for everything Ethan does, and to the Tragellis' for putting up with the noise.



all rights reserved


Tik Tok Boston, Massachusetts

"There was something so catchy and seductive about that music, I just couldn't help but to start dancing. It was so exciting. I was literally pitching a tent by the third song."

"They definitely put on a great show... She has an incredible, beautiful voice, which she compliments by playing the piano like a late nineteenth century composer. Truly amazing."
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Track Name: Weasel In Drag
You'll probably begin with a joke,
Light up my smoke,
And then you'll dance around the moon until three.
And you might bat your eyes,
But you're still telling lies,
And I ain't feeling a thing!
A vicious cycle it seems,
To seek out your dreams,
And watch them spit in your face,
But baby you know I'm taken,
And I ain't shaking
For a weasel in drag

For your intentions are jaded
Before you breath
And I, oh oh I, oh oh I ain't feeling easy.

Arrogant as shit,
You're licking your lips
In great anticipation.
Now I may seem naive,
But baby, don't baby me,
A smile won't get you my kiss.
Why don't you settle down without your fucking clowns,
See me for who I am.
Cause baby you know I'm taken and
I ain't shaking for a weasel in drag
Oh ohohoh, oh oh ohoh, You mean nothing darling,
Hey, ohoh oh oh oh ohoh oh ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ayaiyai.

Track Name: Accordion
The night wind blows across your lips,
Caressed with midnight dew.
Your voice is cracking like your mind,
Reasoning is moot.

Drawing circles again,
Hoping we will win.

Now we're walking hand in hand,
We're wading through the meadow.
Though the light is fading fast,
We could never falter.

Drawing circles again,
Hoping we will win!

And soon, your sun will rise,
And I may not survive
Heartache to heartache,
We can't underestimate when we feel alive,
Fear and confusion
Bring death to illusions
And we begin to die
Hold onto your lies.
Track Name: Accused
If all is meant to break without our consent,
Then I will forget
This empty bag of shame
And if you cry at me
My voice shall envision
A resting place, so soft and still.
If your tide should turn
Away from all this agony
The ecstasy of misery,
Just close your eyes and think of me

Bit do you care today?
Am I still near your grace?

With a kiss of the ocean
All my barricades are crumbling without any will
And your lips are amazing
And nothing is over until we spill

But do you care today?
Am I still near your grace?

Naked and screaming
You hold onto nights life
Deceiving, tormenting
You just can't let go.
Hold onto nothing,
I can't understand it
So why is this killing me?
Why can't I breath?

If all is meant to break without our consent then,
I will forget this empty bag of shame.
Track Name: Sed Milgrim
Give me a chance to refrain from this torture,
I can't sing
For everyday brings another reason why I cringe.
For who needs another reminder of what they left behind?
Desperately I cry

I'm sheparding my fear of change,
I cannot seem to stay in line forever
This remorse is standing strong,
My feeble chit chat wanders on

Over and over we are repeating
"this isn't it"
Yet we return to the same indulgence,
"Hand me a drink!"
For who needs another reminder of what they left behind

We are trapped inside our routines,
Laughing at our shattered dreams forever
And this remorse is standing strong
My feeble chit chat wanders on
Track Name: Five
Spawned from this fight,
Hollow misguidance was never my strength
Would you want
To go on this way, when nothing's the same?
Detached and elusive we crawl through our pain

But of course we could ignore this emptiness
As it continues to grow,
Trapped in our monotony
As we regain autonomy
Detached and elusive we crawl through our pain

Going after you was my big mistake,
A warning or two reclining within this fortress I create
But oh, my love
Don't you see that
Over and over we forget the place we began
I won't matter to you when I leave
And fuck you darling because arrogance is free
Your apathy gives you safety as time trickles by,
Easy going only time will tell
If all your lack of effort makes a bitter soul
Track Name: Once Again
Your eyes once consoled me,
Recognized me
And remembered the span of my touch,
But now they're forgetting,
And they move over my form with disregard.
Your casual kisses are tinted with tarnish
Your eyes remain closed as they tear this world apart

But my heart won't concede,
And I'm still afraid
Of losing that love that we gave,
And I cannot see the pressure you're building within,
This distance you crave,
Has killed me once again.

So I move in slowly,
To give you a chance to make me sigh,
Give you your solidarity,
And the purpose it implies
But comfort is bullshit,
Our voices are cliche,
Your eyes remain closed
As you tear this world apart

We've broken all the rules
We conquered their points of view,
But now arising is simply revolting,
Oh what the fuck happened to tear this apart?!

Oh baby!
Track Name: Shining Star
Take it over please,
I refuse to break
In this tasty savory place if hate
Give a peck or two
To release my fight
Is it overwhelming to be failing?

Grasping and tearing I reach for your heart
Haunted by your lips
I can't give up now
For you are my shining star

Pass your plate of guilt
With a weighted feather
Isn't this grand,
All of us are bloated
Will the meal reveal
All we have in store?
Highlights of a gorge of torture
Or facts of life dismayed

you'll pay for your faulty paper machete
As I regain all your blessings
Could you refrain from taking a message
A warm dispatch is moving it down
Is moving it down
Take it over please
I refuse to break
Track Name: Stiff and Stapled
Light lies dormant on your fingers,
Never moving,
My thoughts drift across your features,
Always moving
Never taking the time to heal

Well never underestimate the life of damage
And always be sure to hold on to your senses

But maybe I should have never tried to give,
Well maybe I should have held on to what was given

Weighing out this days devotion,
Always tempting
Standing strong against seclusion,
Always growing absorbed in all that we shared,
But then again (chorus)

But still my heart is held on constant remorse,
Distinguished lies,
Your paranoia ringing with the distraction of my eyes
And, whatever happens to moments of passion?
Replaced with your concoctions of
Banished positions
I am floating on fragments of life that fill our crazed seams
You keep it closed tight, ya know,never obscene and
What is left in these moments together?
Why don't ya show me it baby
Could you let in?

But then again, maybe I
Should have never tried to give
Well, maybe I should have held onto what was given
Should have settled for what you felt like giving
Left my heart on the shelf to bleed
Tell me baby, is that what you expected of me?
Sampled and discarded?
Is that all you need me to be well,
Why even give it babe,
Keep your stiff pleasures clear of me